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Essential Maintenance Tips for Aluminum Gates

An aluminum fence is a great addition to any home or commercial space. Aluminum gates are secure, long-lasting, cost-effective, and require minimal maintenance. But there are a few chores to keep up with to keep your gate looking nice and functioning to its potential. Here we discuss some essential maintenance tips for aluminum gates when they need some attention.

How to Care for Your Aluminum Fence
Regular Cleaning & Lubrication

It is important to clean your aluminum gates regularly to prevent dirt, grime, and other debris buildup. Simply use a mild detergent and water to wash the surface and the seams around connecting pieces where dirt might settle, then rinse with clean water. Use a wet cloth dipped in water for finer cleanings and leave to air dry. Clean your gate every few weeks to keep it pristine and in great working condition.

Aluminum Gates

Inspect for Damage

Every few months, inspect your aluminum gate for damage. Look for dents and scratches, check that it is secure to the post, and oil the hinges. Use a silicone or lithium-based lubricant to keep the moving parts of the gate well-oiled. Check the screws and tighten and reinforce the holding post if needed. Keep children off the gate, avoid leaning anything against it, and repair or replace damaged parts to prevent future issues.

Protect Against Rust & Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

Aluminum gates are resistant to rust, but they can still corrode or develop small spots over time. To prevent this, apply a coat of wax or clear coat. Avoid household products and other harsh chemicals if you use a cleaner to remove materials stuck to your aluminum fence. Acids and industrial cleaners could damage the surface or erode the paint. Warm water and baking soda are enough to remove stubborn substances without damaging the surface of the gate.

With proper care, you can help extend the lifespan of your aluminum gate for decades. If you want to add an aluminum fence or gate to your property, contact Access Masters, Inc. We install, maintain, and repair aluminum gates for residential and commercial properties. Our experienced and equipped staff and technicians can get you a custom aluminum gate and fence that best fits your needs. Call us at (323) 244-2473 or click here for a FREE quote today!

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