What is Security Fencing?

Security fence is not the typical residential fencing. It’s mostly used in industrial settings where expensive machineries, equipment, and tools are kept, as well as crowded areas such as schools and public places. Therefore, it must resist the brunt of forced entry and high impact loading.

Aluminum Security Fence



6′ height with an extra 1.5′ 45 degree angle makes that metal security fencing into the best anti climb fence for its price. Post will be installed every 10′. Hot galvanized metal panels with all the connectors. 4’x2′ posts.


For extremely high security requirements. Usually used in borders between countries or governments places. 6′ height straight, another 2′ in a 45 degree angle, and another 90 degree for the opposite side.


6′ height with an extra 3′ 45 degree angle makes this fence extremely hard to climb on it. Post will be installed every 10′. Hot galvanized metal panels. comes with all connectors. 4’x2′ posts.

The need for security fence

Choosing the right fence for your security is a great way to meet the needs of a variety of property types. For instance, any property that has children on a regular basis such as playgrounds, schools, or parks need to have a secured perimeter fence for their safety. Without them, children might accidentally run into the streets and outsiders can gain access—who knows what they’re capable of doing?
Similarly, properties where there are buildings, machinery, or delicate products need to be kept safe from theft. Which is why a metal security fence needs to be part of your bigger investment. The bigger and more durable it is, the more secure your loved ones and belongings would be.

1. Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence is made up of steel mesh fixed to metal or concrete posts. The posts is set deep in concrete foundation unto the ground and the wire fencing serves as a barrier. The wire fencing is difficult to cut through or climb over, making it the very basic type of metal security fencing around the world. You can complement this system further by adding barbed wires around and the top of the posts. It’s also cheap as compared to other high-security type fences.

2. Palisade Fence

Not as common as chain link fences, but just as effective. A palisade fence is the perfect deterrence for intruders wanting to climb over. It consists of several vertical steel posts with a pointed tip—a tip that can wound or injure anyone caught in it. Not only does it performs well as a security fence, it can be quite attractive as well—making it more expensive than chain link fences.

3. Metal Hoarding Fence

This type of fence uses portable steel hoarding panels connected to one another via concrete or steel posts. It’s commonly used to form a private and safe perimeter fence during demolition and construction works, as well as at large public events like festivals. For a more general purpose, a metal hoarding fence is best used in a mobile sense to secure a private site for short periods of time. Meaning that its installation and dismantling is fairly easy, doesn’t take a considerable amount of time, and can be transported to another site easily.

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